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Last Awaken of the Semester

Come and join us tonight for our last Awaken Worship Gathering of the semester.  Some of you maybe done with finals or in the midst of finals – either way you could probably use some Awaken tonight.   The band will be there in full and Melissa McDuffee will be bringing us a message on patience.  We will be in the Baker Building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University (parking is in the rear).  Worship starts at 8:00pm.  Come and join us and bring a friend and we will see you all soon!


NOTICE – Building Change

We will be in a different building tonight.  Normally we meet in the Baker Building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.  This week we will meet in Lou’s Pavilion on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.  Lou’s Pavilion is north of the Baker Building on Wesleyan St. (the same street as the entrance of the Baker building).  Lou’s Pavilion is a building with lots of windows – and there is a small parking lot next to the building that you can park in.  Thanks for working with us on this move.  Next Monday we will be back in the Baker Building.  See you all tonight!

Check this map if you need more details.
Lou’s Pavilion is number 17 on the map.

Awaken: January 24th

This was a great night.  Very high energy.  Thank you to all of you that made it out – the excitement was there and we could really tell.  This was our first Awaken of the year and we had it on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University in the Baker Building.  This is the new home of our worship gathering, so on Monday nights you will know where to find us!  We began our worship by singing together several songs.  For many of you they all could have been new, but we introduced one new song that was new for us all – “The Earth is Yours” by Gungor.   It is a great song and I am sure we will sing it again in the future.  After some songs, Justin Mikulencak brought us the message.  Justin talked to us about Truth.  What is truth?  Awaken is place where together we search for truth.  Awaken is a place where we ask questions to find out what we believe – and we do this as a community.  After a little message time, we had a time for prayer and meditation.  We closed with one final song and then our benediction.  Thank you to all who came out on Monday night – I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Those who missed it – come and join us this Monday night.   Rev. Kyland Dobbins will bring the message.  Bring a friend and tell somebody about Awaken and we will see you soon!

Prayer Board for January 24th

(click on the image to make it larger.)
This is our prayer board.  These are the prayer requests, joys, concerns, and celebrations that have been lifted up and to share with you.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week.  If you have anything to add to the board — all you have to do is drop us a comment on this post.

getting excited! 3 days away.

We are very excited about our first Awaken Worship Gathering at Texas Wesleyan University coming up very soon.  We will be in the baker building on Monday nights at 8:00pm.  This worship service is open to all, so tell a couple of friends about it and join us on Monday nights.  Justin Mikulencak will bring the message this Monday night and you will not want to miss it.  Come and worship with us!

Here is a map of the Texas Wesleyan Campus.
campusmap_000 – click on the link here to see the map.
Building number 28 on the map.
We will be in the Baker Building – on the corner of Wesleyan and E. Rosedale.
If you have any questions – drop us a comment or email us.

we are moving!!!

Spread the word! We will be moving the Awaken Worship Gathering to the Baker Building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.  We are very excited about being on the campus of Texas Wesleyan and being closer to the students on the campus.  The Baker building is located on the corner of E. Rosedale and Wesleyan St. next door to the Coffee X Spot.  The Baker building is a brick building with the entrance on the Wesleyan St. and parking in the rear of the building and across the street.  This is just a few block from Meadowbrook United Methodist Church.  We are very excited about this move and hope that you will come and join us for worship on Monday nights.  The first night will be on Monday January 24th – we hope to see you soon! 

Check out our About Us page – to find out where we are located.
Check out our Contact page to get a hold of us.
Check us out on facebook.

children need your help.

The 40th annual Omega Chi (Christian Service Organization at Texas Wesleyan University) Christmas party for underprivileged children is scheduled for Thursday, December 9, 2010.  This has become a very important and worthy tradition on the campus of Texas Wesleyan – on that needs your support in order to continue.  For some children in the Polytechnic community this may be the only Christmas party they will have and the only gifts they will receive.

The party will begin at 5:30pm and it will consist of games, snacks, singing, and a special visit from Santa Claus, who will distribute gifts.  We will have the party at the Polytechnic Community Center and will conclude by 8:00pm.  You help is needed to support the children.

A list of names of needy or underprivileged children from the Polytechnic area has been obtained from the community center.  We will have about a hundred and thirty children ranging in age from infancy to teenagers.  We will assign names from this list to participating sponsors.  Sponsors may act alone or in teams.  If you cannot affor to sponsor a child by yourself, find a friend to help sponsor along with you.  The Sponsors are asked to do the following:

1. Purchase gifts (one toy and one article of clothing with a total value of no less that $30 and no more than $50) for the child.
2. The gifts are to be left UNWRAPPED and turned in to Omega Chi by 1:30pm on Wednesday, December 8 (no earlier than Monday, December 6).  Please take your gifts by the Religion Department or the Chaplain’s office on the 3rd floor of the Polytechnic United Methodist Church on the Wesleyan campus.
3. Please put the child’s full name and your name on the bag containing the gift.
4.  If you would like to sponsor a child but would rather not do the shopping, you may do so by sending a check for $30, $40, or $50 made payable to “Omega Chi of Texas Wesleyan” (for Christmas gifts for the needy) to Dr. Jesse Sowell, Dept of Religion, Texas Wesleyan.

If you have a preference, specify the age and/or sex of the child you prefer to sponsor.  We will do our best to accommodate your request!

You can pick up a form in Patrick’s office at the church (in the loft) or email Justin Mikulencak, Omega Chi Vice President for details – – or talk to Justin, Melissa, or Patrick next Tuesday at Awaken.

Race for Peace screening

This is tomorrow night at 7pm in the Polytechnic United Methodist Church building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.
Bring money for merchandise if you want anything.  See you at Awaken tonight!