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Awaken: August 16th

Tonight was our last Awaken on a Sunday night.  It was also the conclusion of our summer series.  For the summer we have been opening up the conversation and spending some time to share with each other some things we struggle with or just some thoughts that we have after watching a video from the nooma series.  Tonight at Awaken we sang several songs, led by Matt Roper.  After a few songs we watched the nooma video, Rich 013.  After the video we took some time to discuss some thoughts or questions that arose after watching the video.  Then we closed with one last song and had a time of prayer.  Come and join us next Tuesday, August 25th for our first Awaken on Tuesday nights.  Bring two friends with you and get excited!  See you soon!

Prayer board from August 16th
click on the image to make it much bigger)
Prayer with us throughout the week and if you have prayers to add to the board please feel free to add them as a comment so that we can see those and pray with you.