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We are moving to Tuesday nights! August 25th.
Worship starts at 8pm.
Feel free to come out as early as 7pm.
Tell a friend.  See you soon!


Awaken: August 9th

We had a great time as always last night at Awaken.  We began our worship with several songs and some prayer.  After some singing we watched the nooma video, “Rhythm” by Rob Bell.  After the video we took some time to share with each other some thoughts that we had on the video.  We talked about what it means to live in tune with God.  After our discussion we went into a time of prayer and sang one more song.  Next week will be our last Sunday for Awaken before we move to Tuesdays.  Come on out and join us and bring a friend or two.  Then remember on August 23rd we will not have Awaken, because we are moving to Tuesdays starting on August 25th.  See you soon!

Prayer Board for August 9th
(click on the image to make it bigger)
If you have prayer concerns, joys, celebrations, or anything else you would like to share with our community please leave them as a comment and we will add them to our prayers this week.  Check back soon and often to check those out.  Make the prayer board your desktop background.

This was just a fun picture that some of us took together last night.
 Photo 17