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Awaken: May 18th

Tonight at Awaken we had a great time.  We began our worship with several songs.  After that we dove right into the message.  The series we are in right now is about Holistic Holiness and 5 practices to Holistic Holiness.  Tonight we talked about Intentional Faith Development.  We looked at the story of Jesus calling the first disciples and the intentionality they displayed in following Jesus.  We talked about what it means to be purposefully growing in what we believe.  Community provides a network for support and it is in those communities that we grow in Christ.  We heard the story of Zacchaeus and how he was intentional about his faith development.  Intentional faith development involves choosing to place ourselves where God’s Spirit can shape us into persons who show love of God.  The post before this has a question in it, “What Do You Want to Know“.  In being intentional about faith development we want to know what you want to study, hear, learn, and experience at Awaken.  Let us know.  

Come and join us next week as we look at Passionate Worship.  Bring a friend to join us and we will see you soon.  Check back here soon and often!  Be looking for information about our fun day at Glen Lake Camp.


Awaken: September 15th

A great night at Awaken.  We had several new visitors come out and worship with us!  Tonight we concluded our series on Community.  We began worship with several songs.  Kevyn Kersen was back in town from the coast guard and he joined us on the drums.  After several songs Kyle Howton brought us the message and we talked about our mission as a community.  After a little message time we had some time for prayer.  After some prayer time we closed our worship with one last song.  Come out and join us next week as we welcome Krystal Rodgers.  Krystal will be talking with us a little about Invisible Children and her experiences.  You will not want to miss this so come on out and bring a friend or two. 

Prayer Board from September 15th
(click on the image to make it much bigger)
If you would like to add some prayer concern, joys, celebrations, or anything else to the board please drop us a comment and we will pray with you.  Use the prayer board as the background on your computer this week and remember to pray with us!

Awaken: September 8th

Tonight at Awaken we continued our series on Community.  We began our worship with several songs.  After singing together Kyle Howton brought us the message.  This week we talked about Questions and Mystery.  Kyle had asked us to give him several of the questions that we had about religion or God that we struggle with the answers to for him to share.  We talked about the need for questions and how asking these questions helps us to grow in our faith and see that there are people struggling with the same thing.  Kyle shared this quote from a book called Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell… “Questions, no matter how shocking or blasphemous or arrogant or ignorant or raw, are rooted in humility.  A humility that understands that I am not God.  And there is more to know.”  As a community we come together with questions and learn with each other and grow through our questions.  After a little message time we had a time for prayer.  We used the prayer board as usual which you can see below.  After some prayer time we closed with one last song.  Come and join us next week as we conclude our series on “Community.”  Bring a friend or two and we will see you soon.

Prayer board from September 8th
(click on the image to make it much bigger)
Please take the prayer board and pray with us this week.  If you would like to add prayer concerns, joys, or celebrations please do so in the comments section and we will check back and pray with you!

Here are several of the questions that were shared last night:
Can we fully know God?
How do we know God?
Why are we here?
Does God hurt? Cry? Feel? Experience?
How divinely inspired is the Bible?
If God is truly good, why is there so much bad in the world?
Immortality of the soul? Is my soul immortal with or without a Christian belief?

Awaken: September 1st

Tonight at Awaken we continued our series on Community.  We began worship with several songs.  Then Kyle Howton brought the message and last night we talked about “story”.   We talked about the story in the bible and how that is also our story.  We talked about our stories and how our lives continue the story.  After that we had a time of prayer where the prayer board was filled up!  We then closed with one last song.  It was a great night!  Come and join us for worship next week and bring a friend or two with you!

prayer board for September 1st.
(click on the image to make it much bigger!)
If you have prayer joys, concerns, celebrations, and request you would like to add to the board you can do that by adding them to this post as a comment.  Then we will all pray with you!

Next week we will be talking about Questions and Mystery.  We want to invite you to send us any religious questions that you struggle with and struggle finding the answers to.  We we will be using several of these questions next week when we continue our series on Community and talk about questions.  In order to get those questions to us you can do it one of several ways.  Email them to Patrick –, you can leave them as a comment on this blog, you can write them on a piece of paper and leave them in the bowl (on the altar) in the loft, or you can email them to  Send those as soon as possible.  You have until Tuesday night!

tonight at Awaken (9/1)

Tonight Kyle Howton will be bringing the message.  Kyle will be continuing a series that we started last week.  The series is titled “Community” and that is what we are talking about.  Last week we talked about Fellowship and how fellowship is a part of community.  This week we are going to be talking about the story that all of us are in.  Come tonight to Awaken and worship with us.  See you soon!  

Have you invited a friend yet?

New thing added this week – a Nursery.  See the post below to learn more about the nursery.

Worship is at 8pm.
Come out as early as 7pm.

Awaken: August 25th

Our first Awaken on Tuesday nights and it was great!  We began our worship with several songs.  After a few songs Kyle Howton brought us the message.  We talked about community and specifically we talked about fellowship within our community.  We talked about why we have fellowship, what fellowship is, and how we do it.  Next we will continue our series on community.  After the message we had a time of prayer and closed our worship with one last song.  We took some time to write on the prayer board.  However the prayer board was erased before I could get a picture of it for this blog. Sorry.  Please feel free to add your prayers as a comment to this post and we will all check soon and often and pray with you!  Come and join us next week at Awaken and bring a friend or two.  See you soon!

tuesdays are coming!

move to Tues

Awaken is moving to Tuesday nights starting on August 25th.
We are very excited about moving to Tuesday nights and encourage everybody to come out and bring a couple of friends with you.  We have some new and different things planned for the next several months and we can’t wait!

Worship begins at 8:00pm.
Feel free to come as early as 7:00pm.  

We will have some delicious coffee (iced and regular), snack foods, community, live music, heartfelt worship, relevant teaching, care for those in need, fellowship, and prayer.  Awaken provides a casual atmosphere where you can build relationships, hear great music, and learn together from each other.  We will have some music and some message.  We love to do and try new things at Awaken so come and be a part of this experience.

Our last Sunday night Awaken will be August 16th.  We will not have Awaken on August 23rd.  We will have Awaken on Tuesday nights starting August 25th!

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