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getting excited! 3 days away.

We are very excited about our first Awaken Worship Gathering at Texas Wesleyan University coming up very soon.  We will be in the baker building on Monday nights at 8:00pm.  This worship service is open to all, so tell a couple of friends about it and join us on Monday nights.  Justin Mikulencak will bring the message this Monday night and you will not want to miss it.  Come and worship with us!

Here is a map of the Texas Wesleyan Campus.
campusmap_000 – click on the link here to see the map.
Building number 28 on the map.
We will be in the Baker Building – on the corner of Wesleyan and E. Rosedale.
If you have any questions – drop us a comment or email us.


we are moving!!!

Spread the word! We will be moving the Awaken Worship Gathering to the Baker Building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.  We are very excited about being on the campus of Texas Wesleyan and being closer to the students on the campus.  The Baker building is located on the corner of E. Rosedale and Wesleyan St. next door to the Coffee X Spot.  The Baker building is a brick building with the entrance on the Wesleyan St. and parking in the rear of the building and across the street.  This is just a few block from Meadowbrook United Methodist Church.  We are very excited about this move and hope that you will come and join us for worship on Monday nights.  The first night will be on Monday January 24th – we hope to see you soon! 

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Awaken: August 31st

Last night at Awaken we had a great time.  We began our worship by singing several songs together.  Then Patrick brought the message.  We talked about “Good September… The Land Between”.   We talked about how we can find God in times that suck (in times of difficult transition).  We looked at the Israelites and their story of being in this “Land Between”.  Patrick shared some stories of his time in the Land Between.  Jeff Manion coined this term “The Land Between” to talk about the time when we are between… and we find it very fitting to give this name to the place that we often find ourselves.  Many of us can find ourselves there now.  Check back here tomorrow to find more on the Land Between.  After this we had a time of prayer and meditation and then closed with a benediction for the night.  Come and join us next week at Awaken.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins will begin a month-long (September) series that you will not want to miss.  See you soon.

Prayer Board for August 31st

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If you have anything to add to the board please leave a comment.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week!

Awaken: August 24th

Yesterday was Planting Day!  And it was awesome.  We began our worship yesterday by coming together and singing several songs and we had some time for prayer and uses of our prayer board.  After that we planted.  We planted our tree by the garage at the church.  It is really nice looking, so if you have not already seen it then you need to head on up here and check it out!  We said a blessing over our tree and watered it together for the first time!  Come and join us next week at Awaken.  We will be talking about times when we find ourselves in (and sometimes thrown into) transition.  Invite a couple of friends to join us next week and we will see you soon.  Check out the prayer board below and be looking back here for a story on Planting Day!

Prayer Board for August 24th

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If you have anything to add to our prayer board then please leave us a comment on this post.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week!

Awaken: August 3rd

Last night was action night! It was a night to come and be in fellowship.  We did not do our normal worship, with music and all that.  Instead we took some time to come together and raise awareness within ourselves together.  We took a look at a movie that gave us a look at some of the animal habitats of this world.  We followed the polar bear and the elephant and saw the way they live.  And of course, we saw the great white (it is shark week after all).  This was a great night and I hope you took something away from it.  Watch the movie Earth (it is Disney) or check out the Planet Earth series by Discovery Channel.  Come and join us next week as we continue our Creation Care series.  Bring a friend and we will see you soon! Worship will start at 8:00pm.

August 3rd Prayer Board

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If you have any prayer request to add to the board please leave us a comment on this post with that information.  Check back here soon and often.  We hope you will be in prayer with us.

Awaken: July 27th

Last night at Awaken we continued our series on Creation Care.  We began our worship with several songs and some prayer and then we jumped into our conversation about Creation Care.  Last night we looked at environmental degradation.  We began by talking about what environmental degradation is and how it affects us.  When we degrade the environment, God’s purpose for creation is affected.  We talked about how caring for creation is part of loving God and our neighbors.  Matthew 22:34:40, talks about loving God and our neighbor.  We discussed who our neighbor is, and does that include all of creation?  After some discussion we had a time of prayer and closed with a final song.  Come and join us next week at Awaken as we have our second Action Day!  Come to worship and we will be in action together!  See you soon!

Prayer Board for July 27th

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This is our prayer board.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week.  If you have any prayer concerns, joys, or celebrations to add to the board all you have to do is drop us a comment on this post.

On Earth… As It Is In Heaven

Come and join us tomorrow night as we continue our Creation Care series.  We will be talking a little about environmental degradation and how that affects people around us.  What does environmentalism have to do with loving your neighbor?  Come on out for worship tomorrow night and join the conversation.  Bring a friend, worship starts at 8:00pm, see you soon!