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Awaken: August 2nd

Last night at Awaken we had a great time as always.  We began our worship with several songs led by Patrick and Matt.  After a few songs we watched a nooma video called Corner 023.  After watching the video we took some time to share with each other things from the video that stuck out to us.  We talked about any questions the video brought up and shared some of our thoughts from the video.  After a little time of discussion we closed with one song and had some time for prayer.  Come and join us at Awaken next week and bring a friend or two.  See you soon.  Check out the prayer board below.

Prayer Board from August 2nd
(click on the image to make it much bigger)
Pray with us this week.  If you have any prayers to add to the prayer board that you would like everybody to pray with you please add them as a comment so that everybody can see them.