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No Awaken Tonight

Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict Awaken will not be meeting tonight. Join us next week as we continue our series on Means of Grace. See you soon!


Means of Grace – Solitude

Come and join us tonight as we talk about Solitude as a Means of Grace.  Solitude can be difficult today.  There is always so much going on and many of us are always so busy.  This will be a great night to talk about Solitude and share some ways in which we can find solitude, and how does solitude act as a “Means of Grace”?  Come and talk with us.  See you tonight!

Awaken: April 4th

Last night at Awaken we had a great time.  We gathered together to worship and began our worship with several songs.  We are in the middle of our Lenten series on “Means of Grace.”  Last night we talked about Fasting as a means of grace.  We talked about what fasting is, and some of us shared some stories of times when we were in a fast, and what that looked like and how that played out.  It was a good night.  I encouraged all of you to try out a fast this week, so I hope you will do that.  Come and join us next week for Awaken.  See you then.

Means of Grace – Fasting

Tonight we will be talking about Fasting!  Since the beginning of Lent this year we have been in a series called, “Means of Grace”.  In this series we are talking about different means of grace – or ways in which we strengthen our understanding or our relationship with God.  Fasting is a common practice during Lent, but what is it and how do we do it?  Why do we just stop doing something?  Is it because it is tradition?  Come on out tonight to Awaken and we will talk about fasting and see if we can get a better understanding for why it is we fast.  Come and share your ideas on fasting.  Bring a friend with you and we will see you tonight.  We are in the Baker Building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.  Worship begins at 8:00pm!  See you soon.

Awaken: March 28th

On Monday we began our worship with several songs.  We made it real simple – no sound system, just an acoustic guitar, a real simple set up.  We talked about Simplicity.  After singing several songs together we got right into the message.  In our series titled, “Means of Grace” we are talking about different spiritual disciplines – or as John Wesley called them – Means of Grace.  For this week we are focused on Simplicity.  We talked about what Simplicity is and how we do it.  Richard Foster, in his book called, “Celebration of Discipline” lays out what Simplicity is and ten helpful suggestions for the outward expression of Simplicity.  We talked about buying things for usefulness, avoiding addiction, giving things away, avoiding next best thing mindset, enjoying things without owning them, appreciation nature, avoiding buy now, pay later schemes, having honest speech, rejecting things that breed oppression of others, and getting rid of those things that distract us from seeking God first.  We talked about these ten things and then we discussed ways in which we can live simplicity, and how we do it and where we struggle.  We share our thoughts with each other in order to learn from each other and also to see where we might be in the same place as someone else.  This week you are encouraged to be mindful of where simplicity comes up from you – and how it can be a means of grace.  Come and join us next week as we talk a little about fasting and how fasting can strengthen our relationship with God.  Hope to see you soon!

Prayer Board for March 28th

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Means of Grace – Simplicity

Come and worship with us tonight.
In the Baker Building.
@ Texas Wesleyan University.

Awaken: March 21st

A great night of worship!  Last night we began our worship with several songs.  After singing together we got right into the message.  We are in a Lenten series called – “Means of Grace”.  In this series we are talking about different means of grace and what they are and how we do them.  Last night we talked about prayer as a means of grace.  The message came from all of us!  Prayer is puts us in non stop constant communion with God.  Prayer is easy for some and hard for others, but know that God meets us where we are and slowly moves us along into some deeper things.  Prayer is something that we learn – we get better at prayer by practice… we talkin’ ’bout practice.  We shared with each other last night some different ways that we pray and how we prayer and why we pray.  One of the ways we grow is to learn and one of the ways we learn is to share with each other and learn from others.  Thank you all for sharing your ideas and your practices with us.  I hope that you might have learned something new or heard something that might help you.  This week, make it intentional to pray – pray in a way you haven’t before.  Experience this means of grace with us.  Come and join us next week at Awaken and we will be talking about Simplicity.  See you soon!

Prayer Board for March 21st.

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If you have any prayer request to add to our prayer board please drop us a comment.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week.