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Race for Peace screening

This is tomorrow night at 7pm in the Polytechnic United Methodist Church building on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.
Bring money for merchandise if you want anything.  See you at Awaken tonight!



Invisible Children screening at Wesleyan

IC at Wesleyan
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Invisible Children screening of “Together We’re Free” and an Update.
This will be in the Bragen Fellowship Hall in the Polytechnic UMC building.

The Great Debaters

Actor Denzel Washington brings some star power to local United Methodist church services in a specially produced video available for downloading at

In the video, Washington tailors a greeting to United Methodist congregations and thanks them for a “legacy of support” on behalf of the 11 historically African-American colleges and universities long sustained by United Methodism’s Black College Fund apportionment.

The five-minute video also features excerpts from Washington’s new film, “The Great Debaters.” Set in Marshall, Texas, the movie stars Washington as Melvin B. Tolson, a brilliant but volatile debate coach. In 1935 Tolson inspired Wiley College students to form the school’s first debate team and challenge the University of Southern California (shown as Harvard in the film) in a national championship. Despite incredible odds, Wiley beat Southern California—and a score of other oratorical powerhouses.

Although church crowds may seem an odd audience for a Hollywood movie appeal, Washington notes that “The Great Debaters” is a “David and Goliath story” tackling issues that leave many audiences feeling as if they’ve had a spiritual experience.
“My faith,” said Washington, “has made me realize there are things much more important than just making movies. It’s important for me to tell stories that people will benefit from: stories about life, about actions and about consequences.”

To get the latest information on “The Great Debaters” and to learn more about Wiley College and other institutions supported by the Black College Fund, please go to:

Movie is still in theatres!