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Christ Candle – O Holy Night

Tonight we light the Christ candle of the advent wreath and by doing so we complete the circle.  Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.  Hope is what inspires us.  We live to be love.  Joy is what brings us closer to God.  Peace is what it is all about.

Merry Christmas!

Awaken: December 21st

Last night at Awaken we had a great time.  This was our last Awaken of this year!  We will not have Awaken next week – more information on this to come in the next couple of weeks, so check back soon and often for details!  We began our worship with several songs.  We had some prayer and then jumped into the message.  Mel Strom brought the message – as she has been doing this Advent Season.  Last night we talked about Peace – and in particular the peaceable kingdom.  After the message we had a time of prayer and meditation and then closed our night with “O Holy Night”.  Thanks to all that made it out and to all a Merry Christmas.  Check back (here on the blog) on Christmas Eve for a special moment from Awaken that you will not want to miss.  We will light the Christ candle!  See you soon.

Prayer Board for December 21st

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“Peaceable Kingdom” – Edward Hicks

Awaken: December 14th

Worship was great last night!  We are in the third week of Advent!  We began our worship with singing several songs together.  Then we had a time for the message.  Mel Strom brought us the message – we talked about Joy.  We lit the third candle on our advent wreath – the candle that represents joy (the pink candle).  Joy is something that we receive!  So may our hearts be open this Advent season to receive Joy!  We then had a time of prayer and meditation after the message.  Then we closed with one final song and the benediction.  Come and join us next week at Awaken – it will be our last Awaken of the year – and our last Awaken Worship Gathering in the loft!  We are very excited about the upcoming changes – and hope you will be excited with us!  Come and join us for worship next Tuesday – we will start at 8:00pm.  See you soon.

Prayer Board for December 14th

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Awaken: December 7th

This past Tuesday we had a great time of worship at Awaken.  We are right in the middle of this Advent – this season of Hope.  We began our worship with several songs and some prayer.  Then we got right into our time for the message.  Mel Strom brought us the message.  We lit the candle of Love on our advent wreath and then that is what we talked about.  We are Love.  We then closed our worship with a time of prayer and meditation and a final song.  Come and join us this next Tuesday night for Worship.  Those of you traveling out town – be safe and we will see you soon.  Those of you traveling into town – be safe and we hope to see you this coming Tuesday.  See you all soon.

Prayer Board for December 7th

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children need your help.

The 40th annual Omega Chi (Christian Service Organization at Texas Wesleyan University) Christmas party for underprivileged children is scheduled for Thursday, December 9, 2010.  This has become a very important and worthy tradition on the campus of Texas Wesleyan – on that needs your support in order to continue.  For some children in the Polytechnic community this may be the only Christmas party they will have and the only gifts they will receive.

The party will begin at 5:30pm and it will consist of games, snacks, singing, and a special visit from Santa Claus, who will distribute gifts.  We will have the party at the Polytechnic Community Center and will conclude by 8:00pm.  You help is needed to support the children.

A list of names of needy or underprivileged children from the Polytechnic area has been obtained from the community center.  We will have about a hundred and thirty children ranging in age from infancy to teenagers.  We will assign names from this list to participating sponsors.  Sponsors may act alone or in teams.  If you cannot affor to sponsor a child by yourself, find a friend to help sponsor along with you.  The Sponsors are asked to do the following:

1. Purchase gifts (one toy and one article of clothing with a total value of no less that $30 and no more than $50) for the child.
2. The gifts are to be left UNWRAPPED and turned in to Omega Chi by 1:30pm on Wednesday, December 8 (no earlier than Monday, December 6).  Please take your gifts by the Religion Department or the Chaplain’s office on the 3rd floor of the Polytechnic United Methodist Church on the Wesleyan campus.
3. Please put the child’s full name and your name on the bag containing the gift.
4.  If you would like to sponsor a child but would rather not do the shopping, you may do so by sending a check for $30, $40, or $50 made payable to “Omega Chi of Texas Wesleyan” (for Christmas gifts for the needy) to Dr. Jesse Sowell, Dept of Religion, Texas Wesleyan.

If you have a preference, specify the age and/or sex of the child you prefer to sponsor.  We will do our best to accommodate your request!

You can pick up a form in Patrick’s office at the church (in the loft) or email Justin Mikulencak, Omega Chi Vice President for details – – or talk to Justin, Melissa, or Patrick next Tuesday at Awaken.

Awaken: November 30th

Last night at Awaken we had a great time.  We are in the first week of Advent – a season of Hope!  We began our worship with several songs and even introduced a new one called Remedy, by David Crowder Band.  After some songs, we got right into the message part of our worship.  We lit the first candle on our Advent wreath – the candle of Hope.  Mel Strom brought the message and she talked to us about the meaning of Advent and how it is a season of Hope!  Afterwards we had a time of prayer and meditation and then closed our worship with a final song and our benediction.  Come and join us next week at Awaken as we continue in Advent.  See you soon!

Prayer Board for November 30th

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