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Awaken: September 28th

We had a great night at Awaken last night.  We began our worship with several songs, led by the band.  After that we went right into the message.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins continued our series, “Revelation and the Ridiculous.”  We talked about all of the different things in the book of Revelation like the beast with six wings full of eyes, the seven spirits, the seven seals, the four horsemen and all that.  We talked about how the book of Revelation is using these things to keep our attention and the overall message is one of worship and hope.  All of creation worshipping.  Afterwards we had a time of prayer and meditation.  Then closed with a prayer.  Come and join us next week as we conclude our series on the book of Revelation.  Bring a friend and we will see you soon!

Prayer Board for September 28th

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Check out the video below for the upcoming 10-Fold event!  This is happening starting 10.10.10!

The event launches on October 10, 2010 and lasts for 10 days. 10-Fold is about multiplying ministry and mobilizing passionate people to stand up and be counted for the causes they believe in.
It will be live. It will be full of resources and information. It will demonstrate the passion of the people of The United Methodist Church. It is called 10-Fold and you can be a part of it.
Every day will focus on a different project supported through The Advance, the designated giving arm of The United Methodist Church. The goal is to gain the support of 10,000 people for each of the 10 projects.
With the support of annual conferences and churches, 10-Fold will bring these global projects to the people through webcasts, streaming video, online chats and other media. For 10 days, these ministries will be on your doorstep. You can provide tangible support just by registering your interest with these Advance projects.
During the event, $1.00 will be donated for every person that signs up as an advocate for a 10-Fold project, up to $10,000 per project. The donation will be made — on behalf of you. Just show up and be counted!
And some of you are already becoming a part of the movement. Pass this link on to your friends and family. Visit our video here or on YouTube. Connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Download the Participant’s Guide. Visit us often and make sure you mark your calendars for October 10th. We will have something new to report each day — several times a day.

Be counted. Be a part of the movement. It’s in your hands to multiply God’s work; Turn 10 to 10,000 and make it a movement 10-Fold.

Awaken: September 21st

Last night at Awaken we had a great time of worship.  We began our worship with singing several songs together and some prayer.  After some singing we went into the message time.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins continued our series on Revelation and the Ridiculous.  Last night we looked at some of the characteristics of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation and talked about how those are characteristics that we as individuals may have.  We talked about the message of hope that is in the book of Revelation.  After the message we had a time of prayer and meditation and closed for the night to begin our service.  Come and join us next week for the third installment of Revelation and the Ridiculous.  Worship starts at 8:00pm.  Bring a friend or two and we will see you soon!

Prayer Board for September 21st

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If you have any joys, concerns, prayer requests to add to our prayer board please drop us a comment.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week.  Use this prayer board in your prayers!

A Message of Hope

We are continuing our series on Revelation and the Ridiculous tonight.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins is leading us in this four week series and we kicked it off talking last week about the Book of Revelation and some of the ridiculous claims that we hear about the last book in the new testament.  This week Rev. Dobbins will continue the series as we continue to look at the how the book of Revelation is a message of hope.  Come and join us tonight at 8:00pm for worship.  Bring a friend or two with you and we will see you soon!

Talk Like a Pirate

Today is International Talk Like  a Pirate Day.  I just thought you should know.

Awaken: September 14th

Worship last night was great!  We began our worship with several songs and then moved right into the message.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins brought us the message last night. We began our series, “Revelation and the Ridiculous” with a sort of intro into the book of Revelation.  We talked about the many different ideas and theories that people have thrown out there about the Book of Revelation and the end.  We look to the book of Revelation as a book of Hope.  Not of fear.  Fear is the opposite of Faith.  After the message we had a time of prayer/mediation and then closed, knowing that we are beginning our Service for the week.  Come and join us next week as we explore more on Revelation and the Ridiculous and discover the message of hope.  See you all next week and remember to check out the prayer board.

Prayer Board for September 14th

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If you have any joys, concerns, celebrations, or request to add to our board please do. We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week!

Revelation and the Ridiculous?

Tomorrow we will actually begin our series on Revelation and the Ridiculous (the series will run through October 5th).  Rev. Kyland Dobbins will be bringing the message.  Last week, Rev. Dobbins asked if we could send him any questions or comment on the book of Revelation that we might have or have ever had – anything.  If you still have questions it is not too late.  You can send questions to Kyland’s email –, or post them on this post, or send them to  This is going to be an awesome series and I hope that you will come out and bring a friend to join us for tomorrow night.  Worship will begin at 8:00pm, please feel free to come early. See you soon!

1st Responders Sunday

Today at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church we are celebrating our first responders!  This is an exciting Sunday, so if you are around and awake – then come on up to Meadowbrook UMC.  1st responders are such a major part of our lives in keeping us safe and being there when assistance is needed.  We continue to thank them for all that they do and continue to keep 1st responders in our prayers!

The following is included on a prayer card that we are giving to all of our first responders.
The First Responder Prayer
God in Heaven,
Please give me strength in the face of weakness, make me brave when others are afraid and give me a calm clear mind in the face of chaos.  Give comfort to my loved ones when I must be away.  Guide me and protect me, as I seek to serve and protect others.  Amen.

Awaken: September 7th

Due to the weather (Tornado Watch and lots of rain) last night we had a low number in attendance, but still had a great time!  We took some time and had a little fellowship with one another.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins will begin the series “Revelation and the Ridiculous” next week (and will go through Oct. 5th).  Kyland did pose a question for everybody – this will be used to put together the sermons in the next couple of weeks, so participate!  You can write your answers here on this post or you can email them to Kyland @  The question is…
What do you know about Revelation? – send what you know.
Anything seem weird about Revelation?
If you have any comments or questions also, please send them his way.

Invite a couple of friends to come out and join us next week.

By the way has anybody else noticed that ever since we planted that tree on the 24th, we have been getting plenty of rain!  How awesome is that – the tree needs it.  It is a growing tree!

Revelation and the Ridiculous

Come and worship with us!  Tonight Rev. Kyland Dobbins will be with us beginning a new series called “Revelation and the Ridiculous” the series dives into the book of Revelation.  What do you know about the book of Revelation?  What have you heard?  What does media tell us?  What do we believe?  What television show was Kirk Cameron on?  Does he know?  There is a lot of Ridiculousness out there… is there something to any of it?  Come and join us as we look into the book of Revelation and discover things we may not have known.  Bring a friend tonight! Worship starts at 8:00pm. See you soon.

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