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Good September…

Tomorrow night at Awaken we will be back to full band and full audio system after a nice break for the summer.  We spent the summer thinking about all the energy we use and taking a little break from using it as much.  This is going to be a great night and you will not want to miss it.  Come and find out about and get excited about worship this Fall and be inspired!  The message for tomorrow night, entitled “Good September”, will be on how we can find God in difficult transitions.  Many of us are starting back to school/or going for the first semester or searching for a new job or maybe even being forced into transition that we were not prepared to make or in times when the future unknown.  These transitions ARE difficult.  We will talk about how we can find God in these times and how to use this time to grow in your faith.  We will also be introducing a couple of new songs in the next couple of weeks, so get excited about that too!  I want to encourage each of you to invite a friend and tell somebody about Awaken.  Invite them to come out and worship with us!  There are so many outlets to use to reach out and invite a friend.  Try inviting somebody to join our Facebook fan page.  Once they see all the great things this community does and takes part in, they will want to be a part of it all too.  Worship starts at 8:00pm.  See you soon!


we planted…

August 24th was planting day!  During the summer, at Awaken, we talked about Creation Care.  We talked about our role as care-takers and then discussed together things that we can do for Creation.  Each Thursday we participated in a “Do Your Part” blog series in which we had suggestions on how to better care for God’s Creation.  Throughout the summer we collected money to buy and plant a tree at the end of our Creation Care series.  We did it!  We got together and planted the tree at Awaken last Tuesday.  The tree is a live oak tree.  When the live oak tree is mature it grows upwards of 60 feet tall and 70 feet wide!  We are excited about what this tree could look like in the future.  The tree can be found out by the garage behind the church.  After planting the tree we had a blessing over the tree and then watered it together for the first time.  Then it rained – giving it much more needed water!  This series has opened up our awareness when it comes to caring for Creation.  We all have a responsibility to be taking care of ALL of Creation.  Below are several pictures of the tree and planting day!

Do Your Part #10

This is the final “Do Your Part” in this series.  We have made this easy for you.  Go back and check this stuff out.  If you have any suggestions of things that people could be doing that is not already listed in the previous weeks “Do Your Part” then please drop us a comment on this post.

Do Your Part #1

Do Your Part #2

Do Your Part #3

Do Your Part #4

Do Your Part #5

Do Your Part #6

Do Your Part #7

Do Your Part #8

Do Your Part #9

Awaken: August 24th

Yesterday was Planting Day!  And it was awesome.  We began our worship yesterday by coming together and singing several songs and we had some time for prayer and uses of our prayer board.  After that we planted.  We planted our tree by the garage at the church.  It is really nice looking, so if you have not already seen it then you need to head on up here and check it out!  We said a blessing over our tree and watered it together for the first time!  Come and join us next week at Awaken.  We will be talking about times when we find ourselves in (and sometimes thrown into) transition.  Invite a couple of friends to join us next week and we will see you soon.  Check out the prayer board below and be looking back here for a story on Planting Day!

Prayer Board for August 24th

(click on the image to make it much bigger)
If you have anything to add to our prayer board then please leave us a comment on this post.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week!


The Creation Care Photo Contest has come to an end and the winner was announced earlier tonight in worship.  It was a whole lot of fun!  Thank you very much to all who participated.  Matt Strom took first place with the winning photo.  This photo was taken in mid-July outside of First United Methodist Church in Junction, Texas while he was volunteering on a Jr. High mission trip.  Thanks for the submission and congratulations on the win!

Planting Day!

Planting Day is happening this Tuesday night.  Come on our and plant with us!  The money that you have given is being used to purchase what we will be planting.  As a community we will plant a tree to celebrate God’s creation.  Tell a friend and bring them to join us!  We will begin at 8:00pm as always.  This is an exciting time and we are very excited about Planting Day and hope to see you there.

Church Goes Green (UMTV)

Check out this video from UMTV on The Rock United Methodist Church in Austin.  The Rock UMC is a church that went green and this video will show you some of the things that they are doing!