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25 days till Planting Day!

We are now only 25 days out from planting day!  In 25 days we, The Awaken Worship Community, will plant a tree together!  This exciting!  This is so exciting that it is worth telling a friend about.  We have been collecting money each week in order to buy a tree at the end of our series.  We are now 3 Awaken Worship Gatherings out from buying the tree.  Bring some money and give it to planting day.  The money that we have leftover from the tree will go towards caring for creation, so don’t worry if we go over, because it will all go to good use.  Mark your calendars and make sure you are here with us to plant this tree!


Do Your Part #6

Pray for communities affected by environmental degradation will receive assistance, justice, and renewal.  Especially keep those affected by the not so natural disaster in the Gulf.

Reduce the chemical load on the planet by using homemade cleansers at home.  For example, mix vinegar and water to make your own window cleanser.  Flush your drain by pouring baking soda followed by vinegar or lemon juice.  See for more.  Also switch to organic, non-toxic lawn and gardening treatments.  See for tips.

Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation whenever possible, and combine errands to make on trip in the car rather than making multiple trips.

“Tithe” your carbon dioxide – give up 10 percent of your carbon dioxide usage through recycling, minimizing air conditioning, using less hot water, using a clothesline instead of a dryer, switching to fluorescent light, and eating locally grown food.

Use electricity produce by green power if it is available in your area.

Conduct a home energy audit.  See for details.

Awaken: July 27th

Last night at Awaken we continued our series on Creation Care.  We began our worship with several songs and some prayer and then we jumped into our conversation about Creation Care.  Last night we looked at environmental degradation.  We began by talking about what environmental degradation is and how it affects us.  When we degrade the environment, God’s purpose for creation is affected.  We talked about how caring for creation is part of loving God and our neighbors.  Matthew 22:34:40, talks about loving God and our neighbor.  We discussed who our neighbor is, and does that include all of creation?  After some discussion we had a time of prayer and closed with a final song.  Come and join us next week at Awaken as we have our second Action Day!  Come to worship and we will be in action together!  See you soon!

Prayer Board for July 27th

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This is our prayer board.  We hope that you will be in prayer with us this week.  If you have any prayer concerns, joys, or celebrations to add to the board all you have to do is drop us a comment on this post.

On Earth… As It Is In Heaven

Come and join us tomorrow night as we continue our Creation Care series.  We will be talking a little about environmental degradation and how that affects people around us.  What does environmentalism have to do with loving your neighbor?  Come on out for worship tomorrow night and join the conversation.  Bring a friend, worship starts at 8:00pm, see you soon!

Community Life Center

Watch this video about the Community Life Center at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church.

Creation Care Photo Contest

The contest is still going, so submit those photos!  You still have 24 days until the deadline is here.  Take some pictures and submit them.  Go here for more information on how to be a a part of this competition!

Top Ten Rarest Animals

Here is a video of the top ten rarest animals on the planet.  Made by some person on youtube.  Check it out!