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Awaken: June 29th

Last night at Awaken we had a great time!  We began our worship with several songs (acoustic style).  After some singing together we jumped right into our discussion time.  We are in a series called “Creation Care” right now.  Last night the topic was “Environmental Wager”.  We talked about two things in particular.  Discernment and Hope.  We talked about the need to be able to discern what we think and take some time to think about it.  We also talked about how we must have Hope that things can change.  This was a great conversation last night!  After that we had a time of prayer/meditation and then we closed with one final song.  Thanks to all of you who came out to be a part of this last night!  Come and join us next week as we continue our series and look at some of the myths that have formed around environmental topics.  Check back here at the blog soon and often for updates and other posts that come up!  Bring a friend to join us  next week and we will see you soon.

Prayer Board for June 29th

(click on the image to make it much much bigger)

If you have any prayer request to add to the board please drop us a comment.  Use the image as your desktop background or phone background and pray with us this week!

Upward Soccer Camp

Interested in Upward Soccer camp?  Bringing your kid? Bringing a kid? Volunteering? Come on out to Meadowbrook Elementary at 5:30pm to volunteer.  The camp starts at 6:00pm and goes until 8:00pm all this week.  Check out this video.

Environmental Wager

Come and join us tomorrow night at Awaken! Worship will start at 8:00pm, but feel free to come on out and hang out with us as early as 7:00pm.  We will be continuing our summer series on Creation Care.  We will talk about how we can move beyond debilitating skepticism and mistrust to work toward a biblical environmental concern. This is going to be an interesting conversation, so bring a  friend to join us and we will see you soon!  Remember – we are collecting money for our “Planting Day” at the end of our series, so bring so cash and toss it in.  Also be taking some pictures so you can enter them in our creation care photo contest! Later!

The Duke Smart House

Check out the Duke Smart House in this video from UMTV.

Do Your Part #1

Each week we will be adding suggestions to the blog to help you to do your part for Creation Care.  They will come under the title “Do Your Part” and then the number to correspond with the session number that we are in for that week.  Check back here to the blog often to get more updates!

Do Your Part.
Take one personal “baby step” toward creation care, such as; turning your home’s thermostat up (or down) one degree, replacing one incandescent light bulb in your home with a compact fluorescent light bulb, carpooling to work (or to Awaken), or starting a recycle bin in your garage for your household’s plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper trash. 

Go on a walk in a park or nature preserve and spend time observing the beauty of God’s creation.  Bring a garbage bag along with you and pick up any pieces of litter you see along the way.  The Fort Worth Nature Center in Northwest Fort Worth would be a great place to check out if you have never been there.  Learn more about the nature center at their website  There are several trails at the nature center.  Or find a park near you!  This would be a great time to snap a photo for our Creation Care Photo Contest.

Go paperless with your bills.  Many companies will email you your statements and this will save tons of paper.  If a company will does not go paperless then express to them your interest in doing so, you will probably not be the first!  Bank statements, credit card bills, energy bills, rent, care payment, phone bill, mortgage, go paperless for all of them!

Go outside late at night (or very early in the morning) and look at the stars.  As you do, quietly meditate on God’s character.

Learn about Christian organizations that are devoted to creation care, such as the Evangelical Environmental Network.  Visit their website ( and read some of the articles. The United Methodist Church has a special coverage page on their website that deals with being “Green for Life”.  Check it out here.

Awaken: June 22nd

This was our first Awaken Worship Gathering that we are officially in our summer series.  We are going “unplugged” with the band for the summer and our normal message time has turned into a conversation.  It is pretty great.  We began with several songs to begin our worship.  Then we jumped right into our conversation.  Mel Strom will be leading our discussion each week.  We talked about “Respect for the Maker”.  Together we discussed whether or not, we are supposed to be taking care of our planet.  We looked at the story in Genesis when Adam is told to take care of the animals.  We discussed if the way we take care of creation is a reflection on how we care about God…  After some discussion we are at a better understanding of why we should be taking care of creation and in the next several weeks we hope to be better at it and more aware of the needs.  Come next week and join us in caring for our planet.  Check back here tomorrow for this weeks “Do Your Part”.  See you soon.

Prayer Board for June 22nd.

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Respect for the Maker

Tonight we officially jump into session one of our Creation Care series that we introduced last week.  We are very excited about this series and hope that you will come and join us for worship tonight at 8:00pm.  What does creation tell us about the Creator?  Come and join us as we explore that question together tonight.  Feel free to come on out as early as 7:00pm.  See you soon!

Planting Day!

What is planting day?  Planting day will be on August 24th at the conclusion of our summer series on Creation Care.  Throughout all of the Tuesdays in our series, from June 15th – August 24th, we will be taking up an offering.  This offering will go to Planting Day and Creation Care.  With the money that we collect over the summer we will buy a tree and plant it together as the awaken worship community.  The day we plant it (August 24th) we are calling “Planting Day”!  The tree size and style will be determined on how much money we collect and what we decide on August 17th.  This is going to be a celebration and great experience as we look at “Creation Care” this summer.  Come and join us this summer at Awaken.

Creation Care Photo Contest

We are having the first ever Awaken Worship Gathering Creation Care Photo Contest.  Interested?  Check out the rules on the Creation Care Photo Contest page on this blog.  We are excited about this.  Tell a friend and join us at Awaken on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm for worship.

Awaken: June 15th

Last night was the introduction of the “Creation Care” series.  We talked about the upcoming summer.  Stuff like Creation Care, Planting Day, and the Creation Care Photo Contest (which will be up soon).   We took some time to put up some prayers on the prayer board (which you can check out below).  Throughout the summer be sure and check and see what is going on here on the blog.  There will be lots of updates dealing with our series and the environment.   We are very excited about this series and hope that you will come and be a part of it all.  Bring a friend to join us next week and we will see you soon!

Prayer Board for June 15th.

(click on the image to make it bigger)
If you have any prayers to add to the board please drop us a comment.  Check back here soon and often!

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