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Celebration of Black History and Lent

Coming in February!
Put this on your Calendar.
Celebration of Black History Month and Lent 

Sunday, February 14 – 10:50am
Rev. Kyland Dobbins & The Meadowbrook Choir 

Monday, February 15 – 6:30pm
Dr. Sylvester Key & The McMillan Choir 

Tuesday February 16 – 6:30pm
We will not have Awaken on this night – come to this!
Rev. Beverly Gilliam & The Morningside Choir 

Ash Wednesday, February 17 – 6:30pm
Rev. Carol Gibson & The Saint Andrew Choir


Awaken: January 26th

Last night at Awaken we concluded our series on Jesus and Baseball.  We began our worship with several songs.  Kyle Howton brought the message.  We talked about “Judging.”  After some message time we had a time of prayer and opportunity to fill up the prayer board (pictured below).  Then we closed with a couple of songs and called it a night.  Come on out and join us next week at Awaken.  Worship starts at 8:00pm.  Bring a friend with you next week and we will see you soon!

Prayer Board for January 26th

(click on the image to make it bigger)
If you would like to add a prayer request, joy, or celebration to the prayer board all you have to do is add a comment on this blog post and then we will see it and be in prayer with you.  We hope you will be praying with us!

Jesus and Baseball #4

Come out and join us for worship at Awaken tomorrow night.  Kyle Howton will close our series on “Jesus and Baseball”.  You will not want to miss this one!  Worship starts at 8:00pm, but you can come on out as early as 7:00pm.  Grab a couple of friends and bring them with you tomorrow night.  See you soon.


Hallelujah – Hope for Haiti

Thanks COLE!

We have a whole lot of audio and video demands every week at Awaken.  Cole has been running the soundboard/video/audio for us at Awaken since we started back in January 2007!  We have moved rooms several times and every time we do Cole handles it and makes us sound good and puts up the lyrics for the songs, the videos we watch, and music we listen to!  We are grateful to you for your commitment and dedication and for worshipping with us at Awaken.  Thanks for always being there and being able to handle everything!  Cole recently got a new job and he will be working during Awaken on Tuesday nights now due to his schedule.  We will miss your soundboarding skills and you with us in worship.  Congrats on the job!  Next time you see Cole tell him thanks!

Help Haiti

Article on UMCOR joining the ground relief in Haiti.

Donate to UMCOR in Haiti here

Awaken: January 19th

Last night at Awaken we had a great time.  Our music was a little different tonight as we introduced some piano into the mix a little bit.  It was great.  We began our worship with several songs.  After some singing we continued our series with this weeks message.  Kyle Howton talked about Jesus and Baseball.  In particular we looked a giving.  As we looked a giving we also had a special offering tonight for UMCOR in Haiti.  If you would like to give to UMCOR please do so by following one of the links on the right.  After some message time we had a time for prayer and meditation and then we closed with a couple more songs!  Come and join us next week as we wrap up our Jesus and Baseball series.  Bring a friend to worship with you.  See you soon!

Prayer Board for January 19th
(click on the image to make it much much bigger)
If you have prayer requests, joys, concerns, or celebrations you would like to add to our prayer and the prayer board please do so.  You can just leave us a comment on this post and we will get it.  We hope you will be in prayer with us this week.