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Awaken: September 29th

Last night at Awaken we had a prayer service.  We began our worship with several songs.  After singing some songs we prayed.  We had several prayer stations set up around the room at which we would pray.  At one station, we meditated on a scripture about loving our enemies and praying for them.  We prayed that God would work in our lives and others lives, and that God would bring us into a deeper relationship with one another that revolves around God. We prayed for the “hopes” that we have.  We prayed for situations or problems that arise everyday within our community, nation, and world.  We took some time to simply be still and silent, listening to God.  At one prayer station we made sandwiches for the patrons of the Presbyterian Night Shelter.  While making the sandwiches we prayed for the person who will eat the sandwich, the nutrition they will receive, the hands that will serve the sandwich, and the spirit to serve.  We used the prayer board to share any joys, concerns, or celebrations with each other.  And finally, we prayed for the Invisible Children organization.  We pray for the leadership and all of those involved, including the children.  Along with that our offering for the next three weeks, not including last night will go to Invisible Children.  After a time of prayer we came back together and closed our worship with one last song.  It was a great night!

Prayer Board for September 29th
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If you would like to add a celebration, prayer concern or joy you have please do so by leaving us a comment.  Then we can be in prayer with you on those things!

Come and join us next week as we begin a new series entitled, “The Songs We Sing.”  We will be looking at the songs that we sing in worship.  Mel Strom will be our speaker.  Invite a couple of friends to come with you.  You will not want to miss this!  See you soon.


Jonathan Baggett news story.

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JB. news story 

Keep Jonathan and his family in your prayers.
To get to his carepages click on his name under links to the right.

Star-Telegram News Article:

Invisible Children screening at Wesleyan

IC at Wesleyan
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Invisible Children screening of “Together We’re Free” and an Update.
This will be in the Bragen Fellowship Hall in the Polytechnic UMC building.

Awaken: September 22nd

Worship last night was awesome.  We began our worship with several songs (including a few we haven’t sang in a while).  Krystal Rodgers came and talked to us about Invisible Children and her experience with the organization as an intern and roadie.  Check out this link here to go to the Invisible Children website and see more about it.  After a little question and answer session on IC we had a time of prayer and then closed with one final song.
Krystal also shared some things that we can do.  Sign the petition.  We will also be collecting money to send to Invisible Children.  We will be collecting that money the next several weeks.  We are looking into partnering with Texas Wesleyan University in the schools for schools program.  More info to come on all of this in the future, so keep checking back.  

Prayer Board from September 22nd
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 To add to the prayer board simply leave us a comment and it will be there for everybody to check out and be in prayer with you.

DC*B. Church Music

Photo 25
Get it.
Give it a listen.
You will love it.
I do.

Invisible Children

Come out for worship tonight!  We will be talking about Invisble Children.  Krystal Rodgers will come and share with us about Invisible Children and some of her journey with the organization.  You will not want to miss this tonight.  Bring a friend or two and we will see you soon!  For now check out their website here.

Gabriel Matthew Arntz!

He’s here!  Gabriel Matthew Arntz.
Born this afternoon!
8 pounds 5 ounces.  22 1/2 inches long.
Congrats to Kirsten Strom and Matt Arntz!
Gabriel Matthew Arntz