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Nursery at Awaken

We now offer a nursery at Awaken.  Bring the little ones!
The nursery will be available at 7:00pm.
Come and worship with us.  Remember Tuesday nights!
Worship begins at 8:00pm.  Come on out as early as 7:00pm for some coffee, fellowship, music, free wifi, and community.

pandora sounds two.

Before awaken begins lately we have been streaming music from Pandora.  After a recommendation, the past several weeks we have been listening to a station created with music from the band “Sleeping At Last” and other similar bands.  For those of you that have been interested in what we have been listening to you can check out that station by clicking on the image below.


Also check out Sleeping At Last at their website here.

church clean out day

Meadowbrook United Methodist Church is havein an all-church clean-out day on Saturday, August 29th.  We will meet for breakfast at 8:00am in the fellowship hall, followed by some serious cleaning.  Trash and broken items (not repairable) will be tossed in a dumpster.  Usable items that we no longer need will be donated to Goodwill.  Some item that fall into the “Do we still need that?” category will be collected in one spot for review by church members over the next week.  Please come to help.  It is a big building and we will need lots of help.  Contact Ray Wood (817.451.4245), Jeff Roper (817.572.1652), or Theresa Booth (817.534.1741) for more information.

Awaken: August 25th

Our first Awaken on Tuesday nights and it was great!  We began our worship with several songs.  After a few songs Kyle Howton brought us the message.  We talked about community and specifically we talked about fellowship within our community.  We talked about why we have fellowship, what fellowship is, and how we do it.  Next we will continue our series on community.  After the message we had a time of prayer and closed our worship with one last song.  We took some time to write on the prayer board.  However the prayer board was erased before I could get a picture of it for this blog. Sorry.  Please feel free to add your prayers as a comment to this post and we will all check soon and often and pray with you!  Come and join us next week at Awaken and bring a friend or two.  See you soon!

Our Spinning Plates

ourspinningplates copy

Check out this blog from Rev. Kyland Dobbins.  Rev. Dobbins has preached at Awaken several times.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins is the associate pastor at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church.  Rev. Dobbins has begun this blog to write about time management, priorities, and the balancing act of life.  Go and check it out!


We are moving to Tuesday nights! August 25th.
Worship starts at 8pm.
Feel free to come out as early as 7pm.
Tell a friend.  See you soon!

Awaken: August 16th

Tonight was our last Awaken on a Sunday night.  It was also the conclusion of our summer series.  For the summer we have been opening up the conversation and spending some time to share with each other some things we struggle with or just some thoughts that we have after watching a video from the nooma series.  Tonight at Awaken we sang several songs, led by Matt Roper.  After a few songs we watched the nooma video, Rich 013.  After the video we took some time to discuss some thoughts or questions that arose after watching the video.  Then we closed with one last song and had a time of prayer.  Come and join us next Tuesday, August 25th for our first Awaken on Tuesday nights.  Bring two friends with you and get excited!  See you soon!

Prayer board from August 16th
click on the image to make it much bigger)
Prayer with us throughout the week and if you have prayers to add to the board please feel free to add them as a comment so that we can see those and pray with you.

check out these links

KIVA – the world’s first peer-t0-peer online micro-lending website which allows individuals to lend as little as $25 to specific entrepreneurs, providing capital to help them start of expand a small business.  On average, $100,000 is loaned on the Kiva website ever 24 hours.  Let us know if you have used this we want to hear about it.

Good African Coffee – an African-based social enterprise that brings quality coffees to the global market while distributing a fair percentage of the profits to African coffee growers.

The Water Project – providing access to clean drinking water in developing nations.  We partnered with The Water Project back in January and have seen the results.  Check those out here.

Project-44 – the mission of project-44 is to maximize the effectiveness of all available resources while providing for and fulfilling the needs of others…

Awaken: August 9th

We had a great time as always last night at Awaken.  We began our worship with several songs and some prayer.  After some singing we watched the nooma video, “Rhythm” by Rob Bell.  After the video we took some time to share with each other some thoughts that we had on the video.  We talked about what it means to live in tune with God.  After our discussion we went into a time of prayer and sang one more song.  Next week will be our last Sunday for Awaken before we move to Tuesdays.  Come on out and join us and bring a friend or two.  Then remember on August 23rd we will not have Awaken, because we are moving to Tuesdays starting on August 25th.  See you soon!

Prayer Board for August 9th
(click on the image to make it bigger)
If you have prayer concerns, joys, celebrations, or anything else you would like to share with our community please leave them as a comment and we will add them to our prayers this week.  Check back soon and often to check those out.  Make the prayer board your desktop background.

This was just a fun picture that some of us took together last night.
 Photo 17

tuesdays are coming!

move to Tues

Awaken is moving to Tuesday nights starting on August 25th.
We are very excited about moving to Tuesday nights and encourage everybody to come out and bring a couple of friends with you.  We have some new and different things planned for the next several months and we can’t wait!

Worship begins at 8:00pm.
Feel free to come as early as 7:00pm.  

We will have some delicious coffee (iced and regular), snack foods, community, live music, heartfelt worship, relevant teaching, care for those in need, fellowship, and prayer.  Awaken provides a casual atmosphere where you can build relationships, hear great music, and learn together from each other.  We will have some music and some message.  We love to do and try new things at Awaken so come and be a part of this experience.

Our last Sunday night Awaken will be August 16th.  We will not have Awaken on August 23rd.  We will have Awaken on Tuesday nights starting August 25th!

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