Awaken: July 26th

Last night at Awaken we had a great time as always.  We began our worship with Roper and Patrick leading several songs.  After singing some songs we watched a nooma video from Rob Bell.  We watched Sunday 004.  After the video we took some time to discuss some of our thoughts that we had on the video.  We talked a little about why we do what we do.  We talked about the “church” and what the church is.  We shared with each other and raised questions that we had so that we can grow together.  After some discussion we had a time of prayer and one last song.  Come and join us next week at Awaken.  We will be in the loft.  Come as early as 7:00pm and we will begin worship at 8:00pm.  Bring a friend and we will see you soon.  

Prayer Board from July 26th
(click on the image to make it much bigger)
Take some time and pray with us.  These are some of the prayers that we lifted up last night and they are here now so that we can look back and pray for and with each other over the week.  If you have some prayers to add to the board you can leave a comment on this post and then we will see them and pray with you.  Make this your desktop background if you would like.


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