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Awaken: June 28th

Last night at Awaken we began our worship with several songs.  After a few songs we watched a video from the nooma series, by Rob Bell.  We watched the nooma video called Kickball.  After the video we took some time to sit around and discuss some thoughts and questions we had after watching the video.  One of the ways we can grow in our faith is by asking questions and sharing with one another.  After the video we closed with a time of prayer and a song.  The music you heard before and after the service was streaming from Pandora.  We hope that you will join us next week at Awaken.  Worship starts at 8:00pm, but you can come as early as 7:00pm.  See you then.

Prayer Board from June 28th
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Use the board as a desktop background and remember to pray with us this week.  If you have any prayers you would like to add to the board you can just leave us a comment and we will check it out and pray with you!


Awaken: June 21st

We had a great time hanging out with each other last night at Awaken!  We used the night to take some time and catch up with each other and see what has been going on this summer.  Kyle Howton and Matt Roper just got back from the Central Texas Conference Youth in Mission trip.  They had lots and lots of stories to share about the great times and work they did on the trip.  We took some time to use the prayer board and share prayer concerns and joys with one another.  Check out the prayer board below to see those and pray with us this week.  If you have any prayer concerns, joys, or celebrations to add please drop us a comment on this post and we will put them in our prayers.  The music that you heard during Awaken tonight was streaming from Pandora.  Check out Pandora for some good music.  We used “Phil Wickham” as our channel name.  Come and join us for Awaken next Sunday.  Worship will start at 8:00pm.  Come out as early as 7:00pm.  See you then.

Prayer Board for June 21st
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If you have some prayer request, joys, or concerns to add please leave them as a comment.
Lord, Hear Our Prayers…
-Jonathan Baggett and family.
-Andrew Taylor – Project Transformation.
-Chris, Sam, Makenna, and Trey – and the rest of the Glen Lake Summer Staff.
-Matt, Kyle, Charlyn – and the rest of the people on the Central Texas Conference Youth Mission Trip.
-Jerry, Kevyn, and Tyler – United States Coast Guard
-Meadowbrook UMC Vacation Bible School – June 21st – 25th. – Pray for all volunteers and children participating.
-Manda – Externship
-The Water Project – and the Emusanda Community

Come and join us for Awaken on June 21st at 8:00pm.
Worship starts at 8:00pm.
See you then!

The Water Project Update!

Back in January we got together and talked about Water.  We raised money over a months time to send to The Water Project to help build a well.  The Well is complete! I just got the word today for The Water Project People that the well we helped build is complete!  Below are a few thumbnails of the completed well.  “The Emusanda Community well was completed just days ago.  Both children and adults have been lining up to gather clean, safe drinking water – now only steps from where they live!” 

Check out this link here to see more pictures!


prayer board from June 7th

Here is the prayer board from June 7th.
Make this your desktop background and pray with us.
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If you have prayer concerns, joys, celebrations or anything else you would like to add to the board just leave us a comment.

Awaken: June 7th

A good night at Awaken last night.  Kyle made some delicious iced coffee and we had regular too.  We began our worship with a couple of songs.  We watched the nooma video called lump.  After watching the video we took some time to talk about it and share some thoughts with each other.  After some discussion time we had a time for prayer and closed with a last song.  The prayer board will be up later this week so check back soon!

prayer board from May 31st

Here is the prayer board from May 31st
Make it your desktop background and pray with us all week.
To make a prayer board update please leave us a comment.
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