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prayer board – May 24th

Here is the prayer board from May 24th
Pray with us and if you have prayers to add please leave them as a comment.
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Make this your desktop background and pray with us throughout the week. 

Keep the Baggett family in your prayers.
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truth project @ meadowbrook

Interested in viewing The Truth Project on Sunday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, or Sunday mornings? E-mail to let us know.


Awaken: May 24th

We had a great time at awaken last night.  We kicked off our summer series that we will be doing this summer.  We sang a few songs together and then we watched a video.  The video was from the nooma series by Rob Bell called Breathe.  We watched the video and then shared some conversation on the video.  After that we had some time for prayer.  We then closed with a song and called it a night.  This week was the last week we will have Sam and Chris with us as they go and work at Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center for the summer.  Check out GLC here.   Come and join us for Awaken next week as we continue our summer nooma series.  Bring a few friends and we will see you soon.

The prayer board will be up tomorrow, so check back soon!

Awaken: May 17th

Last night we welcomed the band Ashford to come and worship with us!  We had some of that delicious coffee Kyle makes and as an added bonus we had a bit of iced coffee for all that wanted it.  We began our worship with several songs.  Ashford kicked off with an original song and then played some songs we were familiar with.  We learned some new songs including one song called Awesome Power, by Trey Smith.  After song singing we had some time for a message.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins talked with us about humanity and community.  We talked a little about communication and fellowship with each other.  We then had a time for some prayer.  After that Ashford closed with a couple more songs.  A great night!  We are thankful for Ashford to come out and lead us in worship.  Come and join us next week for worship!  Bring a friend or two and we will see you then.

Prayer Board from May 17th
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To add to the prayer board just leave us a comment on this post.

Awaken on May 17th!


Ashford will be leading worship for us on May 17th. Come to hear some of their music and worship with us!
You can check out Ashford here! or

We will be collecting money this night to send to The Water Project! All money donated will be sent to build wells for schools!  Several months ago Awaken took up a collection for the Water Project and we sent them 1,000 dollars for wells for schools in Kenya.  We received word that the drilling for the well will begin very soon!  The offering from the 17th will go toward wells for schools.

Good live music, Free WiFi, Delicious Coffee, food, WATER, Fellowship, and Ashford all at Awaken on May 17th.

REV. KYLAND DOBBINS will be with this evening!  Rev. Dobbins will be preaching.  Pastor Kyland is one of our pastors here at Meadowbrook UMC.  We are very excited to welcome him to come and speak to us!

Bring a friend or three and we will see you there!
7:ish – fellowship and chillin’
8:ish – Worship

Prayer Board for May 10th

Below is the prayer board from May 10th
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Make the prayer board your desktop background and pray with us!
If you have anything to add to the board please feel free to leave it as a comment on this post.

Awaken: May 10th

Last night at Awaken we had a great time.  We welcomed some visitors and gave thanks for mothers.  We had coffee and a weird mix of chips, nuts, and salsa.  We began our worship with a few songs.  We had some announcements about next week with Ashford @ Awaken.  After several songs Kyle Howton concluded our series on Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.  We talked about Open Doors and what that means.  We talked about what it means to be a witness and looked at Acts 1:8 and a few other scriptures.  We had a time of prayer and Patrick played a song.  After that the band introduced a new song called Ancient Skies, by the Michael Gungor Band.  We then closed with one final song for the night.  Come and join us next week at Awaken.  We will have the band Ashford with us to lead worship.  Tell a few friends about it and bring some of them with you.  This is going to be a fun night with some great worship!  See you soon!

Prayer Board for May 10th will be up later today…  Check back soon!

tonight at Awaken (5/10)

Happy Mother’s Day to everybody!
Tonight Kyle will conclude our series on Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors.  We will be talking about Open Doors.  Come and join us tonight for Awaken.  Come out as early as 7:00pm.  Worship will begin about 8:00pm.   Bring a friend with you tonight.  See you soon!

Mother’s Day videos!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

Awaken: May 3rd

Awaken on the 3rd was great!  Of course we had the delicious coffee that Kyle makes hot and ready to serve.  We were short an Andrew (hands) and Chris (bass) this week in the band.  Andy was home as Texas Wesleyan shut down campus due to swine flu and Chris had too many projects due this week and little time to get them done.  We began our worship with several songs.  After several songs Kyle Howton continued our series on Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.  This week we talked about Open Minds.  We talked about what that means and how that would look.  After a little message and discussion we had some prayer time.  After prayer time we closed with one last song and called it a night.  Come and join us next week on Mother’s Day as Kyle conclude our series!  Bring a friend or bring eight friends.  See you soon.

Prayer Board for May 3rd.
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If you would like to add to the prayer board please leave us a comment.
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