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April 26th Prayer Board

Here is the prayer board from April 26th
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Awaken: April 26th

It was a good night last night at Awaken.  Special thank you to Matt Roper for leading all the songs last night!  We had some delicious coffee and candy bars for all.  We opened worship with several songs.  After a few songs Kyle Howton began a series on Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors.  This is a three week series and last night we looked at what TO open hearts means.  We watched a fun video that you can see here.  We had a time of prayer and then we closed with one last song.  Come and join us at Awaken next week.  Bring a couple of friends out to Awaken next Sunday.  See you soon.

The prayer board will be up a little bit later this week, so check back soon and often.

Prayer Board from April 19th

Sorry this is so late… but here it is!
Prayer Board from April 19th
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Happy Earth Day!

today is Earth Day.

Awaken needs a SD Card (any storage size).  If anybody has one to donate that would be appreciated. 
You can bring it to Patrick on Sunday.

you are invited!

May 17th.  Ashford will be at Awaken.
Check out the facebook event page here and come worship with us at Awaken.

Worship starts at 8:00pm.
Bring a friend. 

We will also take up a collection to send to our friends at 

Awaken: April 19th

A good night.  Last night we had some delicious carrot cake that Kyle’s mom makes and some hot coffee available.  We began our worship with several songs including a song that we learned a couple of weeks ago called “God of This City” by Tomlin.  After that we watched a nooma video, from Rob Bell, called Tomatoes.  After watching the video we had a little bit of a discussion about the video and brought up some things we liked or didn’t like about it.  Patrick led the discussion time.  We then had a time of prayer and closed with another song.  Come out and join us next week at Awaken.  Worship starts at 8:00pm and feel free to come out as early as 7:00pm.  See you soon!

Prayer board will be up later this week.

Ashford @ Awaken

On May 17th we will welcome the band Ashford at Awaken.  Ashford will be leading worship this night, so tell your friends and invited some people and come on out!  Worship will start at 8:00pm.  Come on out as early as 7:00pm.  Check out Ashford on facebook by clicking on the picture below.


Awaken: Easter SONrise Service

Good morning!  Easter is here!  This morning we had our SONrise service.  With all the lightning, thunder, rain, and rain we decided to have our service inside at the church.  We met up in the loft.  We had plenty of donuts and sausage rolls to go around!  We sang a couple of songs and Mel Strom brought us the message.  Mel talked about Easter and the resurrection.  It was a great morning service!  Thank you to all of you that made it out!  Prayer board will be up later this week so check that out.

Keep in your prayers – 
Gloria Garcia
Manda’s Internship

Almost here!


Easter SONrise Service!

This Sunday, April 12th, we will have a Sunrise Service.  The service will be held at Oakland Lake Park (1645 Lake Shore Drive, Fort Worth, Texas). We will be on the Northwest side of the park where the pavilion is located.  Worship will start at 6:45am.  We will have some breakfast foods available for all who come!  Bring a chair if you would like one!  I suggest a camp chair of some kind, something simple.  There will be some seating available.   We will not have the normal 8:00pm worship time on Easter Sunday, so come and join us early in the morning for the Sunrise Service.

Weather Back Up Plans:
If it is raining – we will be under the pavilion at the park.
If it is a serve thunderstorm and we can not be outside – we will be back at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church in the Loft where Sunday night worship normally takes place.
Come and check out the park first – that is where we will most likely be! 
Invite a few friends and we will see you bright and early on Sunday morning! 

Here are a few pictures from our Easter Sunrise Service last Easter!

2sunrise-service-4 2sunrise-service-2
2sunrise-service 2sunrise-service-3

Other Easter happenings at Meadowbrook UMC
-Union Gospel Mission Breakfast – 7:15am @Union Gospel Mission
-Children’s Easter Celebration – 9:30am @ MUMC
-Sunday School – 9:45am
-Easter Morning worship with Brass Ensemble and 1st Person Sermon – 10:50am

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