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Awaken: March 29th

A great night last night!  We had some of that great coffee with the added bonus of some delicious tiny little bagel bites (dunk at your own risk).  We welcomed Chris Roberts and Sam Dobbin last night to the awaken band.  We began our worship with several songs.  We continued our series on Prayer.  This week we took a look at the Lords Prayer.  We did a prayer station cycle where at each station we took a part of the Lords Prayer and read it and then did something.  We took a deeper look at the Lords Prayer and even wrote some of our own prayers.  Check out the pictures of some of the prayers along with the prayer board below.  After some prayer time and meditation on the Lords Prayer we sang a couple of more songs and closed our worship.  Next week The Judge (Matt Strom) will be leading us in the conversation on prayer.  Come on out and bring a friend. 

Prayer Board for March 29th
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(to add prayers to board – leave a comment)

Here are a few snapshots of some of the prayer stations after last night.
You can click on these images to make them bigger.
img_0178 img_0180 
img_0181 img_0182 
img_0183 img_0184 
img_0186 img_01791

This Sunday at Awaken (3-29)

Come out this Sunday and welcome Chris and Sam.  Chris will be playing bass with us and Sam will be playing drums with us!  Chris and Sam are a part of Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center’s Summer Staff and they are also half of the band Ashford.  Chris and Sam will be with us until the summer when they leave to work the summer camps at Glen Lake.  If you are interested in volunteering a week at the camp for one of the sessions you can ask Sam and Chris for some details or check out GLC’s website here.

Come worship with us this Sunday! We will continue our series on prayer.  


April 12, 2009
Awaken Easter Sunrise Service
At Oakland Lake Park
at 6:45am
We will not have worship that night.

prayer board – March 22nd

This is the prayer board from last night.  Please feel free to add to it!  Add to it by leaving a comment on this post so that everybody can see it and pray with you!  

Prayer Board from March 22nd
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(make the board your desktop background)
Check back here to see any updates posted.

Meadowbrook Work Mission – New Roof!

OK, we removed the old roof off the garage, now we have to put a new roof on!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 4.  We will meet at 8am at 409 S. Haynes to put a new roof on a detached garage.  This is a big project that will take all day so we need lots of help.  If you can’t be there all day, come help for as long as you can.  Also, there is some final clean-up to be done, so call Jeff Roper (817-572-1652) if you can help with clean-up on Friday, April 3.

Awaken: March 22nd

We had a great night at Awaken last night.  Mel Strom made up a delicious tray of cheese and meats for all and we had some new coffee.  We began our worship with a couple of songs.  We went acoustic last night.  After a few songs Kyle Howton continued our series on prayer.  Kyle led the conversation in talking about the word Amen.  We talked about the meaning, why we use it, and all the times that we use it.  We took some time to have a meditation prayer on the word “Amen”.  We then closed our evening with song.  We welcomed Rev. Kent Seuser from the Wesley Foundation at the University of Texas as Arlington last night at Awaken.  Rev. Seuser came to worship with us last night.  You can check out the UTA Wesley Foundation here or here.

We will have the prayer board up later this afternoon, so check back later to see it.

Next week we will welcome a new drummer and a new bass player for Awaken.  Sam Dobbin will be playing the drums with us.  Chris Roberts will be playing the bass with us.  Come out next week to welcome them and worship with us!  Bring a friend with you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Awaken: March 15th

This past Sunday at Awaken we had a delightful time.  We celebrated with Jerry and Kevyn.  Sunday was their last time to be at Awaken before they leave.  They have already shipped off to basic training for the United States Coast Guard as you are reading this post. Jerry and Kevyn have added so much to Awaken and we are thankful that they could share their talents with us!  Keep both of them in your prayers as they are on this new journey.  We began our worship with several songs.  We continued our series on prayer with a service of prayer.  We had several different prayer stations set up around the room for people to use.  We were still, we prayed for the People of the Presbyterian Night Shelter as we made sandwiches, we prayed special prayers for Jerry and Kevyn, we prayed for people close to us and those who will be close to us in the future, we prayed for Fort Worth current events, we said prayers of hope, and we prayed for our enemies.  We then sang several more songs to close our worship service.

It was great to have the Young Adults from St. John the Apostle United Methodist Church in Arlington come and worship with us!  It was great to meet you all and see you again!  Come back any time!

Prayer Board for March 15th
(click on this image to make it much much bigger.)
(use this as background for your desktop and pray with us!)
If you have any prayer concerns, joys, and or celebrations please leave them as a comment on this post here on the blog and we can see them and pray with you throughout this week. 

Come and join us next week at Awaken.  Kyle Howton will continue our Lenten series on Prayer.  Tell some friends about Awaken and bring them with you.  See you next week!

Awaken this Sunday!

Come and join us at Awaken this Sunday.  We will continue our series on Prayer.  We will have several prayer stations available.
This Sunday will be Jerry and Kevyn’s last Sundays at Awaken.  They will be shipping off to Basic training on the 17th.  Come and celebrate with Jerry and Kevyn and the rest of us!  Keep them in your prayers as they become a part of the United States Coast Guard.  

n202300113_5444 n1515120235_30466567_5772 

Bring your friends and come join us for this special Awaken Worship Gathering!
Worship starts at 8:00pm.
Come as early as 7:00pm. 
We will have coffee and some snackage.

Awaken: March 8th

We continued our series on prayer this week!  We had some delicious coffee and candy bars of all kinds for everybody.  We began our worship with several songs including a new song and some we haven’t heard in a while.  Jerry and Kevyn were not in attendance last night, so we went with two guitars and some crazy hand percussion!  We played a new song called “It’s My Joy”.  The song was introduced to us a few months ago when Jason Nix came and led worship for us.  After some singing we talked a bit about prayer.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins led us in a discussion on how we see prayer and the types of prayer there are.  He shared with us a helpful way to pray.  He told us to use A.C.T.S. as a way to remember what to pray for. The “A” stands for adoration, the “C” stands for confession, the “T” stands for thanksgiving, and the “S” stands for supplementation (or petition).  After some discussion we took some time to practice a contemplation prayer.  Then we listened to a song the band played that will be introduced again next week called “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns.  After some song and prayer time we closed with one last song and called it a night!  Come and join us next week at Awaken as we celebrate with Jerry and Kevyn as they leave for basic training and we will continue our series on prayer.  Bring a friend because you and your friends will not want to miss next week!  See you soon!

Prayer Board for March 8th
(click on the image to make it bigger!)
(make it your desktop background and pray with us!)

If you have any more prayer request throughout the week that you would like to share please leave them as a comment so everybody can view them and pray with you!,


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