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tomorrow at Awaken!

Tomorrow night (2-1) we will be having a Super Bowl Party!
5:00pm in the Loft at Meadowbrook UMC
We will have the game on several screens.
Bring a snack for a snacking potluck!

Gutter Clean Out was a success!  We had several people and we got done with all 13 houses just after 12pm.

Next Sunday we will be back to the normal schedule
8:00pm – Worship
7:00pm – Come early and hang out!

Super Bowl Sunday!

This Sunday we will not be having the normal time of worship at Awaken.  We will be having a super bowl party!  The party starts at 5:00pm and the game starts at 5:28pm.  Bring your favorite snack to the party to share with everybody!  We will be having a potluck of snacks so don’t forget your snack.  We will have it on a couple of screens and we will be in the loft so come and join us.

This Sunday will also conclude the Water Challenge with the Water Project.  Bring the money that you have collected the past couple of weeks and we will add it up and decide which project we would like to support.  You can check out a list of projects on the website here.

Next week we will be back to our normal schedule.
Come up and hang out starting at 7:00pm
and worship will be starting at 8:00pm.
Bring a friend to join us and we will see you soon!

Don’t forget about the 5th Annual Gutter Clean Out.  It is happening this Saturday!

5th Annual Gutter Clean Out Day

This Saturday (1-31) we will be having our 5th annual gutter clean out day!
We will meet at the church at 8:00am for some breakfast.
At 9:00am we will split up and go out and clean out gutters.
We have a long list so we will need lots of help!

Even if you don’t like to stand on ladders there will be plenty to do.
We need people to hold ladders, navigate, and hold the bags as well!

Come and join us for the 5th annual gutter clean out day!
See you Saturday morning!

Awaken: January 25th

Tonight we celebrated 2 years of Awaken.  We are very excited about the next year at Awaken and want to thank everybody who has been a part of Awaken!  We had some delicious angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream for all to enjoy!  We began our worship with a few songs.  After several songs Mel Strom came and continued our series on Water.  We talked about “refreshing” water.  We talked about how we are refreshed week to week.  We talked about worship and why we worship.  We took a look at Psalm 72.  After a little message time we had some prayer time.  The band then introduced a new song called The Beauty of Simplicity, by Telecast.  Then we closed with a song and took a little bit of time to hang out.  

Prayer Board for January 25th
(click on the image to make it bigger!)

Next Sunday we will take a final collection for the Water Project and then decide what project we want to contribute the money towards.  Check out the website to see all the projects. 

Next week we will not have the normal worship time.  We will be having a Super Bowl Party.  Come up at 5:00pm.  The game starts at 5:28pm.  Bring your favorite snack for everybody and we will have a kind of pot luck of snacks to enjoy.  Come on up and invite a friend to watch the Super Bowl with us!  See you Sunday!

tonight at awaken (1-25)

Tonight we will continue our series on Water.
We will also be celebrating an awaken anniversary.
Awaken started back in January of 2007.
We are so thankful for all of you that are a part of Awaken.
Come and join us at Awaken tonight.  Worship starts at 8:00pm.
Come out as early as 7:00pm and hang out with us!
See you soon! 

2 years at Awaken

Here is a little look back at some of the pictures of Awaken the past couple of years!  As we are about to celebrate the beginning of the third year of Awaken I thought it would be neat to put up a bunch of the old pictures.  You can click on them to make them bigger if you want to see them full size.  Come and join us this Sunday at Awaken!  We will conclude our series on Water!  Invite a friend to come with you!  See you Sunday!

The Challenge!

The Challenge laid out!  We started the Challenge this past week at Awaken (January 18th).  Get started!
  • Give it Up
    Make water your only beverage…for 2 weeks. 
    Take the money you would have spent on soda, juice, sports drinks, beer, bottled water etc., and put it aside to give clean water. Collect your savings in a cup wrapped with a “The Water Challenge” label or a bottle. 
  • Wear your wristband(if you want one of these I only have a couple left.)Give Water Wristband
    It’ll help you remember to choose water and to spread the word.  When someone asks you about your wristband tell them about The Challenge.
  • Continue your sacrifice for 2 weeks.
    If you are heading toward the soda machine, head for the water fountain instead. If your family goes out to dinner and you usually order iced tea, ask for water. It’s free. You’ll be amazed at how the savings add up. Encourage your whole family to participate.
  • Give it Away
    After 2 weeks, calculate the amount of money saved by your sacrifice and give water through The Water Project, Inc. It will be used to drill and fix wells, build systems to catch rain-water and build small sand dams in Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon or India…you choose!

We will be concluding our Challenge on Super Bowl Sunday when we will tally up the money and decide what project to give to.  Come and be a part of this.  Tell your friends, parents, siblings, neighbors, and co-workers and join us in the Challenge.

Awaken: January 18th

What a great night with a whole lot of energy!  The Grand Prairie HS FCA joined us this week for worship and it was great to have them with us!  We had some popcorn and mixed nuts and some WATER!  We sang several songs as we began our worship.  Mel Strom brought the message.  We talked about inspiring water.  We have been talking about Water for the past several weeks.  This week we talked about how water can be inspiring.  We watched a I am Second video with Blake Mankin you can check that out at the website here.  We talked about how he was inspired and how we can be inspired.  The Challenge was extended to all of us to Give Water.  What that means is that for the next two weeks instead of buying sodas at lunch, buying that beer for happy hour, or buying a soda for dinner we will just drink water instead and the money that we would have spent on our drink we will donate to the Water Project.  Bring your money from the next couple of weeks to Awaken and then on Super Bowl Sunday when the Challenge is over we will celebrate and decide what project to send the money to.  This is going to be really cool and I hope everybody will be a part of this.  We have some bracelets to remind us to drink water.  I have a few left, so if anybody wants one just let me know.  Then we had a time of prayer and filled up our prayer board.  We then closed with a couple more songs.


Prayer Board from January 18th
click on the image to make it bigger)
Pray with us!
This next week at Awaken (January 25th) We will celebrate the end of two years of doing Awaken and the beginning of the third year.  Mel Strom will conclude our series on Water.  Come and bring a friend to join us!  See you Sunday!

tonight at awaken

The Challenge begins tonight!  Come and join us for worship at Awaken.  Worship will start around 8:00pm.  Come up and hang out with us as early as 7:00pm.  Don’t miss tonight!  Bring a friend with you and we will see you very soon.

We continue our series on Water.

this sunday at awaken (1.18)…

Come and give water with us!  We will be collecting money for through the Super Bowl party.  Come to Awaken this Sunday as we continue our series on Water.  Invite somebody you know to come with you this Sunday.  See you soon!

The challenge is almost here…

January 2009

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