Awaken: December 21st

This week at Awaken we celebrated the Advent season!  We had pastries in all the way from the Czech Stop in West, Texas and some homemade breads and coffee of course.  We sang several Christmas songs and other songs!  We talked about the Advent wreath and what it is and what it is about and why we have it.  We lit the candles and we are ready for Christmas!  Roper sang a song by Dave Matthews called, “The Christmas Song” and we all sang What Child is This?.  After some prayer time we introduced and new song and closed with it.  The song is called Here Is Our King and it is by David Crowder Band and if you missed it I am sure you will hear it again soon!  It was great to see so many people there this week.  Come and join us next Sunday at Awaken.  Tell a friend and we will see you soon!

From all of your friends here at Awaken and Meadowbrook have a Merry Christmas!

Prayer board for December 21st
(Click on the image to make it bigger!)


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