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Awaken: September 28th

We had a great time at Awaken last night.  We opened up worship with a few songs and then we watched a video from the Rob Bell nooma series.  We watched video number 16 titled, “Store”.  Great video!  Store is about how we all get angry at things from time to time, and how can we learn to channel that anger toward something constructive – something that’s bigger than ourselves.  We had a time of prayer and then we closed with a couple more songs.  If you missed out on the video and you would like to watch it just let Patrick know and he will figure out how to show it to you.

Next week at Awaken we will be meeting in the Loft at Meadowbrook.  The Loft is the big room upstairs.  If you head up the stairs when you walk in the front doors you will not miss it.   It will be easy to find, so don’t worry about that.  Worship will start at the same time — 8ish.

I am extending the challenge from last week.  The challenge where I challenged you to invite two different people to come to Awaken.  The challenge continues!  If you invited two people last week, then invite them again or invite two different people to come.  Oh and by the way if you want to invite more than two people that is great.  Challenge Extended Extended.

It’s estimated that supermarkets in the United States spend up to $180 million annually to replace last shopping carts.  -I saw this in the nooma video case and decided to share.

Awaken: September 21st

This week at Awaken we watched a video from the nooma series by Rob Bell.  We watched the video called “Open”.  The Open video is about Prayer.  It is about being honest with God in our prayers.  If you couldn’t make it this past week and would like to see the video let us know and we will find a way to show it to you.  After the video we had a time of prayer.  We sang a couple of more songs and then hung out for a little bit.

“To the only God
who is able to keep us
who is able to keep us from falling
to the only God
be all glory and honor
majesty and power
for all ages now and forevermore.”
-To the Only God, by Chris Tomlin

Come out and join us next week at Awaken on September 28th.  We will be in the sanctuary and it starts at 8:00pm.  I am extending the challenge to everybody to invite two people to Awaken this next week.  I am not talking about two people that are here every week, but invite two other people to come and join us at worship.  Hit them up with an invite and who knows they might be looking for something like Awaken.  We will be talking about ANGER!!!

Challenge Extended.

Awaken: September 14th

We had a little bit smaller group than normal at Awaken this week.  Those of you that were not there we missed you and we hope to see you again next week.  Our guest speaker this week was David Brower.  Dave continued our series Unraveled: the Parables of Jesus.  Dave spoke to us about The Parable of the Mustard Seed and Yeast (actually two parables).  The parable can be found in Matthew 13:31-34 and you can check that out here.  Dave focused a little more on The Yeast (Dave loves him some food network after all).  Dave took us through the Parable from all perspectives even though it is hard to find more than one.  Thanks Dave! 

Next week we will be talking about Prayer!  You will not want to miss it.
Come out and join us next week.
Tell a friend.
Invite a friend.
Bring a friend.
We will see you there!

Awaken: September 7th

This past week at Awaken we had a great time talking about a parable, hanging out a little bit, singing some songs together.  Last night Rev. Kyland Dobbins was our speaker.  Rev. Dobbins is on staff at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church as an associate pastor.  We thank him for joining us and talking with us.  Rev. Dobbins continued our series called, “Unraveled: The Parables of Jesus” with the parable of the Good Samaritan.  This parable can be found in Luke 10: 25 – 37 or just click on the link to be taken to it.  Rev. Dobbins encouraged us to view the story from the perspective of everybody and not just as you reading the story.  Viewing the story from the perspective of the Samaritan, the priest, the Levite, and any other view that could be there.  After some talk about the parable Rev. Dobbins led us in communion.

Come out and join us next week as we wrap up our Unraveled series with the Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast.  Our speaker will be David Brower.  David is on staff at First United Methodist Church of Euless and a graduate of Texas Christian University.  We look forward to him coming to join us next Sunday.
Tell some friends about Awaken and then next Sunday bring a couple of them!
See you all soon!

Young Adult Summit

The Central Texas Conference Young Adult Summit is this weekend.  It is Saturday September 6th and you can find out even more information by going to the website here. 

If you would like to go I need to know right now.  You can reach me at


Awaken – August 31st

We had a great night this week at Awaken.  It was great to see some new faces at Awaken.  With the holiday we missed those who were out of town and we hope to see you this next week!  We continued our series this week called, Unraveled: The Parables of Jesus.  Kyle Howton was our speaker this week.  Thanks Kyle.  Kyle spoke to us on the Parable of the Rich Fool.  Special thanks to Jonathan Baggett for filling in on the drums this week and doing an awesome job.  Come on out next week as Rev. Kyland Dobbins continues the “Unraveled” series talking about the parable of the good Samaritan.  We will also be sharing in communion this week, so come join us!  Tell a friend about Awaken and bring another.

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