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Awaken on Twitter

Awaken is now on Twitter!

Check it out here or check it out on the link to the right under Meadowbrook UMC.  On twitter you can find out what is going on at that moment and get even more updates than the regular blog!  You can also see Twitter RSS feed to the right and get the update that way.  Get excited.

Summer Gathering TIME!!

Check back here soon and often to see what we have in store for you during the Summer.

*new header for Summer – Get excited!!

Awaken: May 18th

This was our last Awaken worship service on Sunday nights at 5:00pm before our Summer Gatherings begin.  This summer we will be having several fun community gathering and building events.  We might go to Rangers game or just hang out at the pool.  Be looking at the Summer Gatherings page to find out when and where those events are.  We will start the normal 5:00pm on Sunday night schedule after Summer.  Get excited about the upcoming things at Awaken!!!

Last night was Taco night for dinner.  We had tacos and nachoes.  After dinner we began our worship.  We played a song called Sound of Melodies, by Leeland to begin worship (that is a favorite of Tylers.)  After that we went into Song of Hope which we learned last week (everybody is really getting the hang of that one).  We sang some other songs and then Rev. Kyland Dobbins brought us the message of the night.  We talked about Ending and Beginnings.  We closed with some altar time and a couple more songs and then hung out for a little while just to chat.  What a great night!  Special thanks to Tyler for always drumming for us!

Check back to this website soon and often to stay updated on the summer events going on here at Awaken and Meadowbrook United Methodist Church.  See you soon!

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Come on out to Awaken tonight.  FREE FOOD at 5:00pm and then worship starts at 5:45pm.  Rev. Kyland Dobbins will be bringing the message tonight.  Come worship with us!

Garage Sale Saturday

The youth at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church are having a garage sale from 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday, May 17th, 2008.  Come out and check out all the stuff that you want to buy.  It will be in the CLC and you will not want to miss out.  I hear there is a tanning bed in the garage sale this year along with everything else that you just must have!

All of the money made at the Garage Sale will be used to help send the 22 people signed up to go on the Youth Mission Trip this summer to Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  If you would like to just make a donation and not buy anything that is ok with us. 

If you have items that you would like to donate to the youth garage sale you can do that by bringing the item to the Community Life Center at Meadowbrook UMC today at 5:00pm, Thursday at 5:00pm, or Friday at 4:00pm.

If you would like to volunteer to help set up the garage sale, work during the garage sale, or clean up after the garage sale that would be much appreciated.  You can do that on Thursday at 5:00pm or Friday after 1:00pm for set up.  To work the sale show up before it starts at 8:00am.  We will be finishing up the sale and cleaning up at 2:00pm.  Any questions you can email Patrick at

Awaken this Sunday!!

This Sunday will be our Kick Off to the Summer (click this link to see the facebook event invite and send it to your friends on facebook)!  Come and join us at 5:00pm for dinner in the fellowship hall and then at 5:45pm for worship in the Sanctuary.  We will have some special music this week, so you will not want to miss out.  Awaken is open to anybody and everybody, so invite some friends out this week to celebrate the start to the Summer and to worship with us!

This Summer we will be having some special Awaken Summer Gatherings instead of the normal 5:00pm Awaken Sunday dinner and worship.  You can keep updated on what those Summer events are by checking back here to the Awaken blog under the Summer Gatherings tab.  You might want to check back every day!

See you Sunday!!!